How the crisis was discussed by the city council

4 March 2018 • dirkmjk

It won’t come as a surprise that the term crisis was used a lot in 2009. There was some debate about the nature of the crisis: »»

Voting advice in English

16 February 2018 • nua

Many foreigners living in Amsterdam are eligible to vote in the 21 March local election, but little information is available in English. However, News from Amsterdam has now published an English translation of its popular voting advice application. »»

Bike share mainly used by highly-educated men

13 February 2018 • nua

The bike share scheme operated in Amsterdam by Flickbike was popular mainly among young, highly-educated men, mostly without children. Users of the bikes would otherwise have used public transportation or have walked. These preliminary conclusions were drawn by researchers of the University of Amsterdam. »»

The ‘smart city’ is not a campaign theme

4 February 2018 • nua

«Municipalities with well-meaning ambitions to become ‘smart’ are surrendering to technology firms and violating privacy laws,» investigative journalist Saskia Naafs recently concluded. Amsterdam would like to be a smart city, but this is hardly a theme in the campaign for the local election on 21 March. »»

Deliveroo riders are on strike

1 January 2018 • nua

In a number of neighbourhoods in Amsterdam, it’s currently not possible to order meals from Deliveroo. The website indicates this is because it’s busy, but deliverers have announced they are on strike. Trade union FNV says Deliveroo is also experiencing problems in Haarlem and Utrecht. »»

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