Candidate for bicycle mayor plans to protest with a can of paint

29 October 2017 • nua

Tomorrow, voting starts for the new bicycle mayor of Amsterdam. The most outspoken candidate is Camila Pinzon, who wants to ban scooters from the cycle paths and raise parking fees. Protests should help achieve these goals. »»

Left-wing collaboration in Amsterdam

22 October 2017 • dirkmjk

This weekend, PvdA (social-democrats), SP (socialists) and GroenLinks (green party) have announced a left-wing pact. The parties criticize the ‘worthless’ coalition agreement of the new right-wing national government and opt for a city that is sustainable and characterised by solidarity. At the same time, the pact is an indication that the signatories want to form a coalition after the local election in March 2018. »»

News from Amsterdam reactivated

8 October 2017 • nua

In view of the local elections in March 2018, News from Amsterdam has been temporarily reactivated. Five years ago, I suspended updates to the website. »»

Dutch rail passengers are observed by cameras in advertising columns

4 September 2017 • dirkmjk

«What are those mini cameras doing in that advertising column!», a Twitter user asked today. In a response, Dutch Railways (NS) said that advertisers use the cameras to assess whether passengers look at advertising and for how long. »»

Bike share in Amsterdam: who benefits

5 August 2017 • dirkmjk

Over the past weeks, Amsterdam has been flooded by rogue bike share bicycles that can be rented with a smartphone app. Big business, according to newspaper het Parool. Amsterdammers responded to this commercial junk by placing bicycles at bulky waste disposal sites. The municipality has announced it will remove all bike share bicycles, and subsequently regulate the market. »»

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