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Information in English for expats

The municipality is going to help public and private parties translate crucial forms and websites into English. A part of the supply of rental homes has already been made available in English on the website. The information in English can be accessed on This was announced by alderwoman Carolien Gehrels in response to a proposal from Sebastiaan Capel (D66).

23 June 2012 |

No compulsory chip for cats

Amsterdam is not going to require cat owners to chip their pet. The Animal Party had asked in a motion for such an obligation, but the Home Office states that the municipality has no authority to introduce regulations on this matter. Alderman Eric van der Burg will promote chipping cats in other ways, such as collaborating with vets. According to the Animal Party, almost 1,500 cats ended up in animal shelters in 2010. With a chip, the owner could have been tracked.

23 June 2012 |

Rich neighbourhoods not always green

National data show that rich cities tend to be green cities. Within Amsterdam, this correlation is not so obvious. In fact, rich neighbourhoods are on average less green, although the relationship is not statistically significant. There are poor but green neighbourhoods in Noord, West and Zuidoost. In Centrum, there are rich neighbourhoods with few trees. Key to the map: red = rich, green = green and grey = data not available.

10 June 2012 |

‘Police investigate Gonggrijp link with Occupy’

Tech pioneer Rop Gonggrijp writes on his weblog that the Nationale Recherche, a specialist investigative unit of the national police, is asking people about his involvement with Occupy Amsterdam. Gonggrijp says he has simply helped Occupy set up an internet connection, partly because of his sympathy for Adbusters, the initiators of the international Occupy movement.

6 June 2012 |


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