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Amsterdam rainiest place of the country

So far, 155.1 mm or rain has fallen in Amsterdam this month, turning the capital into this month’s rainiest place of the country, according to provisional data published by the Royal Netherlands Metereological Institute this evening. Less rain has fallen in the northern and eastern parts of the country.

In the entire country, 43.6 mm of rain has fallen between 1 and 16 July. Over the past thirty years, the average for the entire month of July was 81.1 mm.

17 July 2012 |

‘OV-fiets not suitable for tourists’

In a comparative study on bicycle sharing systems, the German ADAC sharply criticizes the OV-fiets (rental bicycles operated by Dutch Railways) in Amsterdam. Along with the Hague, the capital is at the bottom of the ranking of 40 European bicycle-sharing systems. Information is only available in Dutch, it’s not possible to rent a bicycle without first registering and bicycles have no suspension and gears.

14 July 2012 |


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