Design to become mobile-friendly

On 6 September, the municipality will get a new website with a layout that responds to the user’s screen, which will make the content readable on a smartphone. In addition, the districts will feature more prominently on the new site. By default, users will be presented with information from the Centrum district, but if they choose another district, their preference will be stored in a cookie.

Tribute to the Amsterdam Curly Letter

In an interesting article, designer Ramiro Espinoza investigates the origin of the ‘Curly Letter’ used on the windows of bars in Amsterdam. Espinoza wonders at the fact ‘that such gorgeous and original letters have largely been ignored in a country with such a rich type- and letter-making tradition’.

24 June 2012, 10:24 | |

Retro cycling jerseys


The makers of the Classic Dutch Racing Bicycles website have created a jersey with the Amsterdam logo. As they explain:

26 May 2012, 16:28 | |

Circular underground map


Last year, designer Eric Hammink created a tram and underground map of Amsterdam, modelled after the pattern of the canals. Now, a separate map of the underground grid is available as a free download for personal use. Hammink also created this fast journey planner for the iPhone and this cool railway map. Image © Hammink Design BNO

Tram and metro map


Eric Hammink has designed a new map with the tram and metro lines of the GVB. It distinguishes itself from the well-known map of the London Underground in being modelled after the pattern of the canals, with the Central Station at its centre. He told Het Parool that he hopes the GVB will adopt his map: “In the future, the map might even become an icon for Amsterdam, since the rings of the canals show so nicely, making you recognize the city instantly.” Hammink himself is already using the map in iPhone apps. Image © Hammink Design BNO

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