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Sticker campaign for ‘fair moped’

For a while now, ‘fair moped’ stickers can be found across the city, displaying a scooter rider getting his exhaust fume blown into his own face. The ‘mysterious activist’ who is beind the campaign has now drawn the attention of Trouw en subsequently the Volkskrant.

Trouw reports that thousands of stickers have been distributed already. The initiator and designer of the sticker remains anonymous out of fear of fines and beacause ‘it’s not about me’. Who orders the stickers must collect them at an Amsterdam café. The fair moped has also been approached by TV station PowNews, but declined: “If it’s such fun to appear in front of you camera, then you can read this yourself: […]”

Over the past years, the number of mopeds in Amsterdam has seen explosive growth. The fair moped wants people to consider the negative effects: “I hope there will be a debate on scooters”. The fair moped has a Facebook page.

2 September 2012 |