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Crossings should be more bicycle-friendly

Crossings in Amsterdam have been designed primarily for cars and should be more bicycle-friendly, Marco te Brömmelstroet of the University of Amsterdam writes in an article in the journal Verkeerskunde. Cyclists are forced to take a sharp left turn, while it is more efficient to cut off the corner and take a smooth turn.

Te Brömmelstroet analysed traffic at the Sarphatistraat - Zeeburgerstraat crossing and at the Stadhouderskade - Museumbrug crossing. “Since these crossings are on access roads to the Amsterdam city centre (which are deemed important), they have been designed primarily with the goal of facilitating the circulation of cars.” On average, 36% of cyclists cut off the corner, despite all kinds of concrete obstacles aimed to prevent this.

The author thinks Amsterdam should take a critical look at the design of crossings around the city centre.

10 September 2012 |