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Squatting: police to act less quickly

In the future, more time will be taken for ‘internal deliberations and coordination’ before the police takes a decision to intervene in squat actions, mayor Eberhard van der Laan announced in his response to questions by council members of SP, GroenLinks and Partij voor de Dieren regarding the eviction of a squat at the Simon Stevinstraat in Oost on 13 May.

Earlier, the police commissioner had called the police action ‘not professional’. An investigation of 11 reportings and 6 complaints about the police action is still in progress. Pending the investigation, the mayor declined to comment on the behaviour of individual policemen.

The police has evaluated the incident. It concluded that internal communication was difficult; that some policemen did not properly understand the instructions and that coordination might have been better. A high-ranking policeman tried to push his way through a group of 50 to 60 squatters to inspect the house. When he failed, other policemen felt obliged to rescue him, using truncheons.

21 July 2012 |