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Tribute to the Amsterdam Curly Letter

In an interesting article, designer Ramiro Espinoza investigates the origin of the ‘Curly Letter’ used on the windows of bars in Amsterdam. Espinoza wonders at the fact ‘that such gorgeous and original letters have largely been ignored in a country with such a rich type- and letter-making tradition’.

Espinoza found out that the font has been designed by window painter Jan Willem Visser (Amsterdam, 1911-1987), who was employed by the Amstel Brewery in the 1950s and 1960s. The inspiration for the font could be traced to 17th Century sources. In order to carry on the tradition, Espinoza designed his own Curly Letter. According to the description on MyFonts, the font is well suited to the needs of women’s magazines and ‘corporate identities within the fragrance and fashion industries’. (Thank you F.B. for the tip)

24 June 2012 |