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Rijksmuseum wants to win hearts and minds

Next Thursday, the city council will discuss the proposal of alderman Eric Wiebes to allow cyclists using the passage under the Rijksmuseum again. In a letter to the alderman, museum director Wim Pijbes makes a proposal to bury the hatchet:

The museum is not only the museum of the Netherlands but also wants to be the pride of the capital. Winning back the hearts and minds of Amsterdammers therefore has a high priority. We will do that first of all by offering Amsterdam a great museum with a collection of world fame and by making the Amsterdammer realise that an important of that collection is his heritage. But we are also aware that regular Amsterdammers will once again take the museum to their heart once they can do so cycling.

Pijbes suggests to close the passage for cyclists during the day and to allow cyclists at night. In his reply to the letter, Wiebes says the administration is considering closing the passage for cyclists at busy moments, but only when this is really necessary.

30 June 2012 |