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Cycling under museum depends on PvdA

Alderman Eric Wiebes sees no reason to ban cycling under the Rijksmuseum, as director Wim Pijbes wants it. On 5 July, matter will be discussed by the city council and the PvdA vote will decisive. On Monday night, the party will take a position, party leader Frank de Wolf indicated.

Last week, Metro asked all parties how they think about the issue. D66, GroenLinks, SP and PvdD are all in favour of allowing cyclists under the museum; CDA and Trots are against. The positions of VVD and Red Amsterdam were not yet known at the time, but party leader Robert Flos of the VVD has since indicated his party is against cycling under the museum. Red Amsterdam told AT5 it is in favour.

Incidentally, Wiebes claims cyclists will have to be allowed to use the passage if the museum is to re-open in 2013 as planned. At most, the council can decide to ban cycling at a later stage. Pijbes appears to have thrown in the towel. He told Elsevier he is no longer in the mood to participate in events such as the Uitmarkt.

10 June 2012 |


Nothing more important than this?

Simply put: what a waste of my tax money. I'm tired of hearing about this. Come on guys, someone just take charge and decide okay? Forget the polder model. How much money and time has been wasted bickering over this issue? There are so many more important things these politicians can be pondering about & putting their energy into.