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Who to call when you have a puncture

From now on, cyclists can call the Wegenwacht (Dutch AA patrol) when they have a puncture, but there are alternatives as well. Fietsforce offers to change your inner tube for 15 euros, the Fietswacht will mend it for 12.50 plus 3.50 call fee. The Wegenwacht, a service of motorists’ club ANWB, costs 32 euros per year plus 17 euros subscription. So starting from 4 flats, the ANWB is cheaper (but then, how often do you still get a flat these days?). Further, the Wegenwacht is on call 24/7.

However, if you choose the Wegenwacht then your money will go to the car lobby. If you opt for Fietsforce, you support a project offering problem youth an opportunity to gain work experience. In addition, the servicemen do not drive cars, but use bicycles - or an electric scooter if it is far away. The Fietswacht may have the broadest service offer, including road bike, wheel chair and bolderkar maintenance.

2 March 2012 |