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Amsterdam Bicycle City #259

Amsterdammers like to think of their city as the international bicycle city number 1, but in fact it is just bicycle city #259 of the Netherlands. At least, that can be concluded from a study by Fietsberaad, which analyzes the percentage of trips locals make on bicycle.

According to the study, Amsterdammers use a bicycle in 21% of their trips. That is a bit more than Utrecht (20%) and The Hague (18%) and quite a bit more than Rotterdam, notorious for its bicycle-unfriendly traffic lights (14%). However, Amsterdam is doing considerably worse than Groningen (30%).

Fietsberaad coordinator Otto van Boggelen explains that large cities tend to have lower scores because they offer public transportation of a good quality. “Of course, it’s an excellent choice to offer good public transportation, but the consequence is that this does reduce bicycle use to some extent.”

Bicycle use is highest at the West Frisian Islands Vlieland and Schiermonnikoog, where cars are not welcome. In Amsterdam, the share of bicycle use has risen by over a third over the past ten years, according to O+S data.

Photo: CC Amsterdamize

3 August 2010 |