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Tropenmuseum in collaboration with Wikipedia

The Tropenmuseum is collaborating with Wikipedia to disseminate information on Surinamese Maroon culture. Wikipedia volunteers can contribute to the project by expanding and correcting information and digitally restoring photos.

In addition to the Maroon material, the museum plans to make information on Indonesia available. Volunteers of the Indonesian Wikipedia will translate captions into Bahasa Indonesia. Earlier, the Tropenmuseum participated in the Wikipedia Loves Art project, opening its door to volunteer photographers. The photos on Wikipedia are available under a Creative Commons licence.

On 6 November, an exhibition on the culture of the Surinamese Maroons will open at the Tropenmuseum. The Maroons are former slaves who ran away from plantations and settled in the jungle.

Image: Young coconut trees at the Clevia Plantation. Photo: Fotostudio Augusta Curiel / Tropenmuseum / Wikimedia

21 October 2009 |